Hunting Stands

Increasing Your Odds of Hunting Success

The placement of the hunting stand is the single most important factor in hunting whitetail deer. We have polled successful hunters from previous years regarding sightings to determine the ideal location for stands on each landowner's property. This information has proven quite valuable in maximizing the opportunities for securing a prizewinning buck.

Stands are placed in timbered areas with a normal shooting range of 50 to 250 yards. To ensure fairness, stand locations are selected through a daily random, computerized drawing. To assist the hunter in preparing for each day's hunt, our staff provides a description of the stand,surrounding terrain and the shooting range that has been selected. All hunting properties are posted prior to the hunt, and patrolled during the event, to assure exclusive rights to the area.

The Whitetail Trophy Hunt staff diligently evaluate the results of each year's event, and professionally scout hunting properties during the winter movement patterns of the deer, to maintain a quality experience for each participant.